Saint's Soul Club

Northern Soul & Tamla Motown

Who We Are ?

Hi, I'm Dancin' Dave,

I used to go to the Catacombs in 1968 when the late Bob Crocker & Alan S used to play.

They got me into 'Rhythm & Blues' (in the 70's was renamed Northern Soul).

I was the grand old age of 16!! I used to dance all nite go home soaked!! (Some things have not changed, still get soaked!!!)

Saint's Soul Club started Feburary 2006, I borrow the equipment from my mates, The Rugby Club lets me have the room F.O.C. hence the reason why it is FREE entry.

I started by playing CD's then moved on to mp3's (I have got vinyl, but prefer mp3's, lighter to carry).

My guest dj's can play there preferred format, and a set of there choice, I look after the requests.

It has taken a lot of hard work to get the club to the level it has now reached, I beleive it is due to the fact requests are catered for clients requests, and the variation of music played, together with the friendly atmosphere.

We have visitors from near & far. We specialise in playing the best in 'NORTHERN SOUL & MOTOWN'

I'm sorry to say as from October 2014 'Saint's Soul Club' will no longer be running as a regular 3rd Frday in the month, the market being flooded with other 'Soul Clubs' could be to blame.

Just keep looking will keep you posted for events as they will be about..............

Time to get 'the band' back together (as they say). I've been asked by St Matthews S&S Club to bring the S-S-C to there Club, so on 22nd Jan 2016 S-S-C has been reborn 10 years since we started.

We will still be delivering the best in 'Northern Soul & Motown', requests not a problem as ever

Time is passing by we've not getting any younger. The club is building up, we've a happy varied crowd on a large wooden dance floor where the need for dancin' talc is not required.

We are the only 'Soul Club' that plays 90% of requests whether we have them or not!

See You There

Where To Find Us?






Club - 01543 671067

Dave - 07759 707594

[email protected]